The Community Development and Health Team

The Community Development and Health Team are employed by Wakefield District Council to work with Communities, Groups and Individuals to enable local people to become involved in the decisions and activities of statutory and voluntary organisation’s, partnerships and groups, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be involved.

We work with the community to identify the issues and needs that affect their daily lives, often described as the broader determinants of health for example transport, education, environment, employment, housing and access to services, all of which impact on our general health and wellbeing. Making sure that local people have an opportunity to actually
influence the decision making process.

What does a Community Development and Health Practitioner do?

  • Works with community groups (all ages, abilities, ethnicities) to identify issues, needs and concerns important to them
  • Helps groups develop (provides support to chair-meetings, make notes and develop a set of rules, or constitution for example)
  • Encourages participation in activities – or gives opportunities to join in
  • Helps to raise awareness on health issues relevant to the community
  • Acts as facilitator to promote self-help in the community
  • Feeds community views to relevant agencies in order for them to influence/improve policies that affect local people
  • Networks to build contacts – and share information through these
  • Attends and coordinates meetings and events
  • Assists groups to fundraise
  • Helps groups to manage their budgets
  • Assists communities to organise and run community events
  • Evaluates and monitors projects (needed when linked to funding)
  • Provides training – PA, Healthy Heroes
  • Encourages health literacy and environmental projects, using the Pugwash Barge
  • Works in partnership with other agencies, organisations and groups with the aim of improving health, wellbeing and the environment
  • Promotes good citizenship